I am a new bee!

    Terje Berg-Hansen
    By Terje Berg-Hansen

    While browsing a technical forum recently, I came across a question that started with the following words: "I am a new bee to this technology...". Apart from the inherent poetry of this statement (I am not a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas; I am a new bee), it is also wonderfully demonstrative: I am a newbie to the extent that I have even misinterpreted the word newbie: I am a new bee, quad erad demonstrandum!

    new bee
    "new bee"
    In fact, I liked it so much that I decided that I will use the term from now on. And in this rapidly evolving Hadoop Ecosystem, aren't we all new bees, buzzing from technology to technology, extracting some nectar here and leaving some pollen there - until we grow tired of all the new scents and return to Hive? And should I ever write a book on Hive (which is not entirely inconceivable), I will definitely call it: "Hive for new bees!" - how could I possibly resist it? (It's almost as good as my favorite existing Linux book title: "Kernel in a Nutshell").

    This community web site has been started to provide a meeting place for distributed computing afficionados of all flavours and competence levels. The concept and ground work behind it is the brain child of a wonderful person and brilliant Hadoop Trainer whose name modesty forbids me to mention, but the success of the portal will depend solely on the myriads of contributors that will hopefully come forward, and whose contributions will not go unmentioned should they be so kind.

    Please feel free to join any group, since the groups are where most of the activities will take place. You may also start your own group, if you e.g. run a Hadoop User Group or if you cannot find your favorite technology represented by an existing group. You can upload photos, videos and files, bookmark interesting sites and write blog posts, news and pages. And feel free to ask questions that older bees can answer!

    Keep shining, don't sting anyone and happy buzzing!


      Terje Berg-Hansen

      Terje Berg-Hansen

      Organizer of this site and the Oslo HUG - Hadoop and NoSQL trainer, yogi and musician

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