Open Source Big Data Projects - who makes them?

    Terje Berg-Hansen
    By Terje Berg-Hansen

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    This is a brief listing - not in any way intended to be exhaustive - of some of the open source projects that have come from well known companies i the big data world. Many of us may know that Facebook created Hive and Cassandra, Yahoo Pig, Twitter Storm and LinkedIn Kafka - but there are a lot more, and they keep coming. Here is what I found from a brief tour of the net:


    LinkedIn has a page listing their open source big data projects:

    At the time of writing this, the list includes these projects:


    These are some of the open source big data projects that have come out of Facebook :


    A complete list of Twitter's projects can be found on GitHub:

    Check out for a list of new Hadoop-related projects incubating into - Zeppelin, Atlas, Slider, Impala and many others live here.

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