LinkedIn open sources its online analytical platform Pinot.

By Terje Berg-Hansen

LinkedIn has been using Pinot for more than two years, and in that time, it has established itself as the de facto online analytics platform to provide valuable insights to members and customers. At LinkedIn there is a large deployment of Pinot storing 100’s of billions of records and ingesting over a billion records every day. Pinot serves as the backend for more than 25 analytics products for LinkedIn's customers and members. This includes products such as Who Viewed My ProfileWho Viewed My Posts and the analytics offered on job postings and ads to help customers be as effective as possible and get a better return on their investment.


In addition, more than 30 internal products are powered by Pinot. This includes XLNT, LinkeIn's A/B testing platform, which is crucial to their business – more than 400 experiments in parallel are run daily on it.

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