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  • Apache Hive

    Apache Hive

    Group for everything pertaining to Apache Hive, HiveQL etc.

    Tags: Hive, Data Warehouse, SQL, HiveQL

    • Terje Berg-Hansen

      Presto - SQL on Cassandra

      Official page of the Presto Query Engine, made by Facebook, that can use Cassandra as the underlying storage engine.

      Tags: Cassandra, Presto, Database, SQL

    • Apache Phoenix

      Apache Phoenix

      Group for all interested in Apache Phoenix and SQL on HBase.

      Tags: HBase, Phoenix, SQL, Database

    • Apache Tajo

      Apache Tajo

      Group for Apache Tajo

      Tags: tajo, warehouse, sql

      • Terje Berg-Hansen

        Apache Hive Official Web Site

        The Hive pages at the Apache Software Foundation

        Tags: Hive, Data warehouse, sql, HiveQL